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The announcement comes ahead of the UAE`s 50th anniversary. As for the next five decades, maintaining the country`s growth is high on the agenda, and this will ultimately be due to people`s hard work and creativity. However, forward-looking laws create an environment in which prosperity can be built. While there are various well-known laws to follow in Dubai and the surrounding EMIRATES, some of the UAE`s lesser-known restrictions are often overlooked. From Dubai to Abu Dhabi, these are some of the strangest ways to be arrested, fined or even deported from the country. The legal system of the United Arab Emirates is based on the civil law system with influences from Islamic, French, Roman and Egyptian laws. [1] The Emirates Center for Human Rights notes that „until the laws are reformed, victims of sexual violence in the UAE will continue to suffer,“ referring to a case in July 2013 in which a 24-year-old Norwegian woman, Marte Dalelv, reported alleged rape to police and was sentenced to prison for „perjury, [consensual conjugal] sex and alcohol consumption“ and false allegations, after admitting to lying about rape. [38] [39] [40] Raising money for charities that are important to you is a difficult activity in the UAE. Fundraising must first be approved by the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities (IACAD); Otherwise, the announcement of the fundraiser and the appeal for donations with permission violate the UAE`s charity laws. This can result in prison sentences, fines ranging from 250,000 to 500,000 dirhams (£53,928 and £107,855) and even deportation. Employers should pay to the spouse or children of a deceased employee (as designated by the employee) all unpaid end-of-service wages and benefits within 10 days of the date of the employee`s death. It is not clear how this requirement will interact with other UAE inheritance laws. Sharia law dictates the Civil Status Act, which regulates matters such as marriage, divorce and custody.

The Sharia-based civil status law is applied to Muslims and even non-Muslims when they volunteer. [71] Non-Muslims may be subject to Sharia judgments on marriage, divorce and custody. [71] However, it is up to the non-Muslim party to request the application of foreign family laws to a specific case. The judges would deal with these applications in accordance with Article 1 of the Civil Status Act. The Official Gazette of the United Arab Emirates is the regular official publication of laws and decrees issued by the Government of the United Arab Emirates. This is a very serious offence that has caught a lot of people in the past. The UAE is very strict about respecting the privacy of individuals, and taking a photo of someone without their knowledge or consent is taken very seriously. This is exacerbated when you post these images on social media platforms. Under cybercrime laws, you can be fined up to 500,000 dirhams (£107,816) and six months in prison for the offence, although in practice the penalties are much harsher as various visitors have been deported. These include measures to protect personal data, combat fake news and strengthen copyright regulations.

Investors and entrepreneurs will be allowed to start and own onshore businesses in almost any sector. The new laws also strengthen the protection of domestic workers and effectively decriminalize consensual relationships outside of marriage. Like the current Labour Code, the new Labour Code applies to all private sector companies and employees in the UAE, including its free zones, with the exception of the Dubai International Financial Centre and Abu Dhabi Global Market, which implement their own labour legislation. Perhaps the most ambiguous offense on this list, anything that is interpreted as a rumor is punishable under UAE law. Gossip, especially on social media, can carry a three-year prison sentence and a fine of up to 1 million dirhams (£215,754). With the intention of taking action against those who „harm social peace and public order“ and pose a threat to „national peace“, the UAE has very strict laws on the dissemination of news on the Internet. It is important to place these developments in their broader context; Last year, there was a flood of reforms. In November last year, new laws decriminalized suicide, changed regulations on alcohol consumption, and strengthened women`s rights, among other things. Last month, Abu Dhabi introduced new laws for non-Muslim residents of the emirate, allowing them to conduct proceedings such as inheritance, divorce and custody disputes in the jurisdictions of their home country. Due to laws about sex outside of marriage, you and your partner could face a prison sentence and/or deportation if you become pregnant outside of marriage. Doctors may require proof of marriage during prenatal examinations. A single woman born in the UNITED Arab Emirates may also have difficulty registering the birth of the child in the United Arab Emirates and could be arrested, detained or deported.

To obtain a birth certificate from the UAE authorities, you must present a marriage certificate and the authorities can compare the date of marriage with the estimated date of conception. Before the founding of the United Arab Emirates 50 years ago, the laws governing life on the northern shores of the Arabian Peninsula were very different. A small population, largely monocultural, lived according to a proven blend of Islamic and customary law, which was well understood by all who fell into its category. As it approaches its 50th anniversary, the country has announced new laws to reflect a developing company, according to the UAE`s cybercrime laws, VPN users can face fines ranging from 500,000 to 2 million dirhams (£107,855 and £431,421) if they „use a fake IP address or third-party address in any other way to commit a crime or prevent its detection“. Whether you`re trying to access a restricted or blocked website or downloading copyrighted material, you risk a hefty fine. The Department of Justice has a legal portal that contains most of the federal laws passed since 1971 and are available in Arabic and English. The aim of the portal is to improve the understanding of the laws and legal system of the United Arab Emirates. The laws and customs of the United Arab Emirates are very different from those of the United Kingdom.

Be aware of your actions to make sure they don`t offend, especially during the holy month of Ramadan or if you intend to visit religious areas. There may be serious penalties for something that may not be illegal in the UK. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with and abide by local laws and customs. The ever-changing social and economic life of the country has led to a number of changes in the laws. On Saturday, a new tranche was announced, which is by far the biggest update to the country`s legal system in its history. Check online for the latest laws and laws promulgated by the UAE government. This also extends to your online activities. The use of swear words in WhatsApp messages or on any other social network or messaging platform violates the cyber laws of the United Arab Emirates. This includes sending emojis of the above indecent gestures. You can face a fine of up to 250,000 dirhams (£53,928), imprisonment or deportation. The UAE does not have social security laws,[74] but provides social benefits such as free hospital and medical care, education subsidies, water and electricity. Under the National Assistance Act, victims of disasters and disasters are entitled to benefits.

Social security contributions are granted to the elderly, disabled or unable to support themselves. [75] Federal laws are published in the Official Gazette of the United Arab Emirates within a maximum period of two weeks from the date of their signature by the President. Devices such as satellite phones, listening or recording devices, radio transmitters, powerful cameras or binoculars may require a license for use in the UAE. Get advice from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in London. 9. Update the disciplinary policy to (i) reflect the expanded number of grounds for dismissal; (ii) the fact that a worker`s remuneration may no longer be withheld under any circumstances at the end of his service at the end of his service; (iii) the prohibition of discrimination, intimidation and harassment. It is common for hotels to take a photocopy of your Emirates passport or ID card with them. You cannot stay in a hotel if you are under the age of 18 and are not accompanied by an adult. Although contracts of indefinite duration must be replaced by fixed-term contracts, the new Labour Code unusually prescribes minimum notice periods for the termination of contracts of indefinite duration, depending on seniority: (i) 30 days if the employee`s seniority is less than five years; (ii) 60 days if the worker`s seniority is more than five years; and (iii) 90 days if the period of service is longer than 10 years.

Under UNITED Arab Emirates law, a minor is a person who is 18 years of age or younger. The death penalty, imprisonment or fines cannot be imposed as punishments on minors who commit crimes. .